tells its story

An installation where
architecture, culture and
history dialogue together
with present and future

An exhibition about
South Tyrolean autonomy

The exhibition gives a comprehensive overview of the South Tyrolean autonomy through nine different stations. It shows how South Tyrol’s autonomy was reached, what its central elements are and what values are associated with it. Who was Silvius Magnago, the so-called “Father of autonomy”? What implications does autonomy have for people living in South Tyrol? How does the autonomy regulate the coexistence of different language groups and on what financial basis does it stand? A look beyond the borders of the province and into the future is also attempted: where will autonomy lead us?

The exhibition is open and can be visited every day of the week at all hours. No reservation is required to visit the exhibition without a guided tour, and the visit is free of charge.


Accompanied tours of the permanent exhibition can be booked through e-mail

Workshops for schools can be booked through the Visits and Meetings section of the Provincial Council.

Address and contacts

The permanent exhibition is located at Silvius Magnago Square in Bolzano.


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Silvius Magnago Square
Berloffa Park

Free Entrance