What would autonomy be worth without the necessary funds or the freedom to use it according to your own criteria?

The second Autonomy Statute granted South Tyrol numerous competences together with the corresponding funds from the state. This amount had to be negotiated year after year. The Milan Agreement, concluded in 2009 under Governor Luis Durnwalder, secured for South Tyrol 90 % of the taxes collected in the province, which in turn took on further responsibilities. In 2014 an agreement under Governor Arno Kompatscher led to even greater security in planning: among other things, it stipulated a fixed share of the national debt for South Tyrol as well as supranational safeguarding by Austria. 

Financial autonomy
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Money may not be everything,
but it makes many things possible.

The Province retains 90 % of the locally-generated tax revenues, which it uses to finance numerous sectors. For some of these it has primary legislative and administrative responsibilities; for others, secondary. In other areas, the State and the Region have transferred powers to the Province. A selection:

Competences primarily
reserved to the Province

Culture and preservation of monuments
Terrestrial reception of foreign radio stations (RAS)
Place naming
Vocational education and training, vocational schools
Educational support
Social matters
Local roads
Local public transport
Financing of municipalities
Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fisheries
Civil protection
Spatial planning and landscape protection
Nature parks
Personnel employed by the Province


Secondary competences
exercised in accordance
with the principles
of State legislationstatale

State schools
Local police

Powers that the State
has partly delegated
to the Province

Vehicle registration
Administration of teaching staff
Labour market and employment services
State radio broadcast in the German and Ladin languages
Stilfserjoch (Stelvio) National Park
Music conservatory
Main roads
Post services
Construction and outfitting of courts and prisons


Powers transferred
from the Region

Land register
Chamber of Commerce