The history of this land means that identity is a commonly used term in South Tyrol. Identity protects, strengthens – yet at the same time restricts. After all, are all of us not more than just one land, one language group, one cultural affiliation? To paraphrase the German philosopher Richard David Precht: Who are you – and if so, how many?

Which areas of life are important for your sense of identity?

Who “actually” are we?

When South Tyroleans are asked, whether abroad or elsewhere in Italy, as to “what” they feel they are, they usually qualify their reply with the word “actually”: actually I’m Italian, but not just; actually I’m German, but not like in Germany or Austria; actually I’m Ladin, but… And should they now say South Tyrolean, or Tyrolean, or Sudtirolesi, or Altoatesini?